This App Helps You Stay in Touch With Your Professional Contacts (and Your Mom)

You’ve probably heard that, as far as advancing in your career is concerned, it’s all about who you know.

Here’s a secret: The real career mojo stems not from who you know, but from how well you know them.

While your Rolodex can be a powerful tool in your career arsenal, without nurturing the connections you have, they’re just names on a LinkedIn list. It’s crucial to stay in touch with them, congratulate them on successful career moves, invite them to coffee when you’re in their city, send them interesting articles, comment on the ones they tweet, and so on (depending on the type of professional relationship you have, how long you’ve known each other, and what you’re looking for from them).

Sounds pretty draining, right? It can be tough to remember to call your mom, let alone every contact who could be important to your professional life.

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