How to Find the Secret Connections All Around You

Photo via Flickr / Anna Dziubinska

Photo via Flickr / Anna Dziubinska

Next time you’re out in public, stop and take a look around at the people nearby. Maybe you’re waiting in line for your morning coffee. Maybe you’re sitting in an airport waiting for a connecting flight. Maybe you’re on the sidewalk headed to work.

No matter where you are, there’s a good chance you’re surrounded by other professionals, any of whom could make awesome connections. But aside from introducing yourself to everyone you happen upon (which would be time-consuming and, let’s be real, make you look crazy), how can you possibly tell which of these strangers would be a missed connection for your career, and which should just remain strangers?

Enter Weave. This new app, created by founder Brian Ma, taps into the information in your LinkedIn profile along with location data from your phone to help you connect with relevant professionals nearby.

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