My #1 No-Fail Tactic for Getting Stuff Done


Ugh. It is so often so hard to just get stuff done. Right? No matter how organized my to-do list is, how clear my calendar is, or how empty my email inbox is, it can just feel like a serious grind sometimes to screw up the motivation to accomplish any tasks that are must-do's instead of want-to-do's, either large or small. (Looking at you, laundry, thank-you notes, and expense reports.)

Here's what I've figured out, though. There's a really simple trick to getting stuff done. And it actually works, if you do it right. I've leaned on it lots of times and it never lets me down. I'll share it with you so you can see for yourself. 

This is the deal. Take a second to think of the last task you knew you had to take up, but really didn't want to. Was it cleaning the bathroom? Updating the software on your iPhone? Following up with a handful of not-so-promising sales prospects? OK. You know that one moment right after the task popped into your head that you groaned to yourself and immediately pushed it away?

This is where the trick comes in: GRAB THAT MOMENT BY THE BALLS. 

That moment is your one opportunity to hop in and take action and just cross the stupid thing off your list. Hoist yourself hand-over-hand up the rope of your willpower to resist your own resistance, and just freaking do the thing you don't want to do. Seriously, it's that simple.

But it has to be lightning quick. As soon as you feel your brain reject the task at hand, shove your brain back with two hands and stand up. You know, Nike style

Recent examples of responsibilities this trick worked on for me just in the last month or so: reconfiguring my wireless printer after my home Wi-Fi network changed, renewing my New Yorker subscription, and answering a few onerous emails I had let languish in my inbox. 

Try it and let me know whatcha think! I'm all ears on Twitter @AllisonStadd.