4 Ways to Transform Your Passion Into a Successful Tech Career

Did you grow up dreaming of being a doctor—until you realized what working in the ER really entailed? Or maybe you’ve always been into style and wanted to get into the fashion world—if only design was your strong suit.

Well, we’ve got big news for you. Thanks to technology, jobs are changing as we know them. From FinTech to Fashion Tech, there are so many industries that now allow you to make an impact on something you’re passionate about, using tech as your tool. “While FinTech (Financial Technology) has been receiving a lot of press for ‘disrupting’ the finance industry recently, medicine, education, and other fields are also being altered by technology,” explains Richard Hu, a founder of Byte Academy, a coding bootcamp with a grad school-like focus.

And that means there are tons of new ways for you to get involved—and get hired—in these industries. Here are just a few fields changing faster than you can hit “send” on that job application.

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