Sunday Roundup: 1/31/16


I'll be out of the country with limited Internet access from 1/31-2/17, so this'll be the last Sunday Roundup for a few weeks. Thanks for reading!


“The Internet makes available, at the touch of your finger, information about everything under the sun. The instant, crushing volume of options intimidates us into sampling a little of anything we see, and a result we go home with nothing.” – David Mikics, Slow Reading in a Hurried Age


Siri, Alexa and Other Virtual Assistants Put to the Test: The NY Times stacks 'em up.

26 Tiny Things You Need To Start Doing For Yourself This Year: Make 2016 the year of you.

Why Designers Love The Ampersand: I'm obsessed, too. 

Why Instagram Captions Are the New Blogging: Times they are a'changing.

How to Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety & Burnout: Investing in employees' personal growth is just as important as investing in their skill development.


House Aroma Diffuser: Is this not the cutest?

Splash Tunes: A bluetooth shower speaker. Unnecessary/amazing.

Silicone critter keyboard brushes: Keep those keys squeaky clean.

Lumio LED desk lamp: Gorgeous.

Projecteo: A miniature slide projector that turns your Instagram images into a personal slide show.