Book Looks: Katie O'Brien in Lisa Genova's "Inside the O'Briens"

I admire Lisa Genova's career for the fact that she's combined two seemingly unrelated passions — neuroscience and writing — into a successful combo.

Her books explore the real-world effects of neurological diseases like Alzheimer's (Still Alice), autism (Love Anthony) and — in her latest — Huntington's Disease (Inside the O'Briens).

Katie O'Brien, daughter of Joe O'Brien, grapples with her dad being diagnosed with Huntington's, which gives her a 50/50 chance of inheriting the disease. Since there are no known therapies or treatments for the disease, let alone a cure, it's essentially a death knell to learn you're destined to succumb to HD. Katie sees her strong police offer dad slowly deteriorate physically and mentally, and struggles to come to a decision whether or not to find out via DNA testing if the illness lurks in her genes, too. 

Katie's a 20-something yoga instructor in a new relationship with an outsider type, considering her religious Irish Catholic family. She's into karmic quotes, dreams of opening her own yoga studio, and is toying with the idea of moving to Portland from Boston with her boyfriend Felix. 

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