5 Inexpensive Ideas for Organizing Your Tech

No matter how into geeky stuff like gadgets and electronics you are, you could likely stand to invest a little more elbow grease into organizing your technology. 

If your cords and plugs aren't jumbled or tangled, maybe you can never find that extra charger or USB cable. If it doesn't take you five minutes to unwrap your headphones from the contents of your purse, maybe your iPad's always out of juice. 

Thankfully there are loads of easy ways to inject some order into your tech collection. Five inexpensive ideas:

1. Quirky Cordies to organize your desktop cables:


2. "This Is Ground" Cord Tacos to keep your chargers and headphones orderly on-the-go:


3. G.U.S. Bamboo Charging Station to charge your phone, iPad, and laptop at the same time:

G.U.S. Bamboo Charging Station

4. Labeled ziplocs to categorize tech-cessories:


5. Grid-It! Organizer to secure your phone, camera, SD cards, chargers, and more:

Grid-It! Organizer