25 Tiny, Amazing Things


Reminders to believe in the universe don't need to be earth-shattering or hugely consequential.

  1. Draft lattes.
  2. Dog yawns.
  3. Really fizzy seltzer water.
  4. Getting into bed exhausted knowing you can sleep in the next morning.
  5. Warm bread.
  6. The smell of garlic cooking in butter.
  7. Paying for something with exact change.
  8. Ice cream sandwiches.
  9. Drying off in the sun after swimming.
  10. An empty movie theater.
  11. When you discover a crazy-delicious new neighborhood brunch place (not necessarily new, but new to you).
  12. Hot pot.
  13. An ice-cold IPA.
  14. An ice-cold glass of white wine.
  15. Anything sun-dappled.
  16. An epic skyline view.
  17. Crossing something off your bucket list.
  18. Campfire smell.
  19. New book smell.
  20. Cell service on the subway.
  21. Surprise packages.
  22. A really great pen.
  23. Selina Meyer.
  24. Photo booths.
  25. Latkes.